Take Control.

In two minutes, CHECKiT tells everyday Australians what health checks they need, when and where to get them.

Be Proactive. Be Healthier.

Australians suffer from many diseases that could be prevented if they had the recommended health checks, but we don't know what they are and when to have them.

CHECKiT tells you with a tailored plan, designed just for you.

Don't Be A Statistic.

100+ Australians suffer a heart attack or stroke daily.

Up to 60% of eligible adults have not been screened for breast, bowel or cervical cancer.

Use CHECKiT to stay up to date and keep disease at bay.

Power To You.

We share a common goal. To keep you thriving. CHECKiT makes your health checks simple, so you can focus on living and loving life.

CHECKiT has something for all adult Australians – we encourage you to try it! It is important to be aware of your risk factors for disease, even as young adults.

How CHECKiT Works


Provide quick, simple answers to questions on your health to learn what health checks you need.


Know the health checks you need and receive a plan showing you when you need them.


Book your appointments now and set up reminders for life to always be in control of your health.

CHECKiT HEALTH is a Beta Test site

We welcome your use of the site and your valued feedback so we can improve and make it better for you. Please share your feedback with us at info@checkithealth.com.au

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