Our Mission and Vision

To connect every Australian with important health information earlier and to access health professionals sooner, so that you can live a longer, healthier life.

To see a world where prevention is the norm and suffering avoidable disease isn’t.


It’s the unexpected heart attack, the stroke leaving us paralysed or the bowel cancer caught too late. The untreated sexually transmitted infection, the high blood pressure or cholesterol you didn’t know you had.

Common medical events that with the right information, early identification of risk factors, screening tests or disease intervention could have been avoided.

We know that health checks don’t just prevent disease but can treat it successfully if caught early.

At CHECKiT HEALTH, we believe the biggest problem facing Australians and their health is a lack of access to the best information to make health decisions and time available to tend to keep our health up to date.

We bring your needs into a simple solution, harnessing technology to keep the business of managing your health easy.

CHECKiT HEALTH includes recommended health checks based on Australian Guidelines.

Prevention today is largely opportunistic.

We rely heavily on GPs we see on average just 10 minutes per year, while only 7 out of every 100 consults are for preventative health checks such as blood pressure, cholesterol tests or cancer screening.

It’s almost impossible to keep up.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

A recent survey of 200+ Australians found:

80% did not know the risk factors for leading diseases.

Almost 90% were not aware of the checks due for their age.

Over 50% had not had the recommended checks.

We are busier than ever.

Keeping up with family, work, social and professional commitments leaves little space to find out what to do and keep up with checks when they’re due.

The older we get the more checks we need and the busier we are, the less time we have to organise them.

We are more connected than ever.

We already have smart phones using countless apps to keep us healthy and to organise our lives.

Checkit health does it all – a schedule of tailored health checks, accessible anywhere with access to bookings and important health tips, keeping you on top of it all.

Our Team

Dr Lucy Nijam



Having seen countless patients and family members suffer and die from disease that is avoidable with regular health checks, Lucy wanted to reimagine how we do prevention that puts more power into the hands of individual Australians. Her hope is that CHECKiT HEALTH becomes your life long companion, keeping your health in check.

Dr Joe Logan

MBBS MBA PhD Candidate (Engineering)


Joe graduated from medical school in 2009, and subsequently turned his attention to business and software development. He completed his MBA in 2016, and is currently pursuing his PhD in software engineering. He also runs a medical imaging deep learning startup, and works as a freelance software engineer.

Andrew Jaworksi

LLB(Hons) GradDipLaw(Commercial) GradCertTMLP BScOptom CIPT MAICD AFCHSA

Legal Advisor

Andrew is a corporate and commercial laywer specialising in digital health and privacy law. He is currently the GC of an Australian public hospital, and consults for a number of healthcare technology startups. Andrew remains on the board of a public hospital, and prior to studying law, held senior positions in health and clinical research.

Dr Justin Osborne


Medical Advisor

Originally from the Hunter Valley (NSW), Justin graduated in 2003. Having spent time training in a few areas of specialty, he decided on a career in General Practice as he values building relationships with people. Justin believes strongly in providing the breadth, depth and longevity of medical care that only General Practice allows. He welcomes people from all cultures and communities and works with people to empower them in taking charge of their own health.